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Q. I live overseas, can I subscribe?
A. Of course! Please go to "Services" > "Shop" > "Overseas Subscription"
Q. Is DAHUA Library available for trial?

Have you become a member of DAHUA Chinese? If you are not yet a member of DAHUA Chinese, please register to become a member first. After joining the DAHUA Chinese membership, you can enjoy a 3-day free trial to experience the full functions of the DAHUA Library, and you can cancel the trial for free at any time during the process.

Q. What are the rights and benefits of members?

Members can enjoy the number of free articles to read every month, member-limited essential content downloads, free access to member-limited articles, member-specific notifications, and birthday discount coupons and other rights and benefits. Remember to use it within the time limit to avoid damage to your rights and benefits!

・ If your personal information has not been filled in completely, we will not be able to send you a birthday gift. Please remember to fill it out one month before your birthday at the latest.

Q. Modify Member Profile
A. If you need to modify your personal information, please log in and enter the "Member Center" and click "Account Settings" to modify your personal information.
Q. How to confirm that I have successfully subscribed
A. If you complete the subscription on the official website, we will email your subscription details directly to the mailbox you provided. Or you can check the order status in the order management in the member center.

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