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Traditional Chinese skills are hard to learn, and you must need a good teacher leading you to explore the whole new world!
The founder of DAHUA Chinese, Caroline is one of the best Guzheng soloists in Taiwan. She taught Guzheng to foreigners in Taipei since she was 19.
There are some pain points that makes these instruments are hard for foreigners to learn:

  • Uneasy to reach
  • Hard to find a good teacher
  • Need a good advisor on choosing materials

Do you know there are many styles of traditional Chinese music that fit different local accents? That's why we need to mark the style or the original player beside a music sheet, and it can sound very different, even if they all use the same name like "Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water", "Blissful Harmony" or "The Melody of Purple Bamboo". But this also makes foreign learners confused and frustrated.

Do you know the style of Chinese calligraphy is actually based on history, politics and technique growing? That's why we can easily identify when the artwork is created, just like fashion history.

Do you know the 14 stars of Ziwei Doushu that show the past, present and future of your life?
Who are the gods that affect your personalities?
When will I get married?
What is the right time for me to make a big change?
How to make the best choice in my career?
These are all written on your 12 houses. Chinese people believe in this for 5000 years, that must be something reasonable inside, even if you think it is just a statistical result.

The courses DAHUA provide not just for foreign people to know Chinese culture, but also to contribute to the Chinese second generation abroad. We hope younger generations can be interested in our origin and have gratitude to those who have raised them by motivating them with something cool, fun and meaningful.

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